Chris has been lending and investing in real estate since 2009. He has bought over 100 houses and helped over 1,000 people experience homeownership. He grew up in a lower-middle class household in a small town where his family was sometimes on food stamps and sometimes sponsored by our church for Christmas as a family in need. His story clearly demonstrates the impact of being raised in a stable home environment and the power of building wealth through real estate.

His passion is to help you make educated mortgage decisions that truly maximize your wealth and your wellbeing. Owning real estate can create generational wealth and our goal is to provide the best resources possible to help build long term wealth for you and your family.

Prior to his venture into the mortgage industry, Chris served as an Intelligence Specialist for the US Navy, receiving numerous awards, medals, and certificates, including a Military Excellence Award (the top recruit of over 720), Joint Commendation Medal for meritorious service in Iraq supporting Joint Special Operations Command, Certificate of Appreciation from the Army Rangers, and acknowledgement for excellence from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Chris also deployed to Afghanistan as a private contractor in support of Combined Joint Task Force Paladin, assisting with Counter-IED and Explosive Ordnance Disposal efforts.

Chris graduated from Central Washington University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Minor in Business Administration. In 2010, Chris moved to San Antonio, Texas when his wife, AnneMarie, joined the US Air Force. They moved to Dallas in 2014 when Chris became Regional Manager of a private lending company. When looking to raise their family in a slower-paced environment with four seasons and outdoor activities, they moved to Colorado Springs in 2018. Chris and AnneMarie have traveled the world, visiting 15 different countries and 38 different US States. They have three kids, Dakota, Dresden, and Kennedy.